Value Chains in Agriculture, Food and Agri-Products Sectors

Collaborate to Compete

Welcome to the Value Chain Business Information Bundle - your resource centre for information on establishing and growing your value chain.

What is a value chain?

Agri-food Value Chains are designed to increase competitive advantage through collaboration in a venture that links producers, processors, marketers, food service companies, retailers and supporting groups such as shippers, research groups and suppliers.* A Value Chain can be defined as a strategic partnership among inter-dependent businesses that collaborate to progressively create value for the final consumer resulting in a collective competitive advantage.

The basic characteristic of a Value Chain is market-focused collaboration; different business enterprises working together to produce and market products and services effectively and efficiently. Value Chains allow businesses to respond to the marketplace by linking production, processing and marketing activities to market demands.*

Based on that understanding of a Value Chain you may now realize that you are already part of a Value Chain but have referred to it by a different name. No matter what term you prefer to use, if you are looking for information or considering whether to start, join or grow a Value Chain, then this site is a good place to start.