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Ontario is one of the largest and most competitive food clusters in North America. Yet the overall cost of doing business in Ontario is lower than in the United States. That is just one reason why so many multinational companies have located here in Ontario.

Dr. Oetker Company Logo

 Dr. Oetker

Dr. Oetker Canada Ltd. chose London, Ontario for its first North American frozen pizza factory. The more than $70-million project is the largest one-time investment the company has ever made outside its home base of Germany. The 200,000-square-foot manufacturing, storage and distribution facility will produce 50 million frozen pizzas a year for the North American market. It will also take advantage of Ontario's skilled workforce, providing 125 new jobs in London and inducing another 300 in the region. The company will also source an estimated 11 million kilograms of high-quality ingredients a year from Ontario farmers and food processors wherever possible.

Canada Bread Company Logo

 Canada Bread Company

A $100-million, 375,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art bakery has been built in Hamilton, Ontario by Canada Bread. The new facility features leading-edge equipment and technologies and will create up to 300 jobs when running at full capacity. Canada Bread employs more than 8,700 people in Canada, the U. S. and the United Kingdom. It makes freshly baked bread products, as well as frozen unbaked and partially baked breads, rolls and bagels, serving retail in-store bakeries and food- service customers. Hamilton's skilled workforce, excellent infrastructure, easy access to markets, and government support led to the company's decision to build the new plant in Ontario.

Maple Leaf Company Logo

 Maple Leaf Foods

Canada's largest food processor also chose Hamilton, Ontario as the location for its $395-million processed meat facility. The plant will be the largest and most modern of its type in Canada and the best in its class in North America. The factory is expected to bring 670 new jobs to the city and is part of the company's national restructuring plan. The new plant will produce deli meats, processed meats and will make the majority of wieners distributed in Canada.

Bakkavor  Foods Company Logo

 Bakkavor Foods

This growing global food company, which specializes in fresh prepared food, operates in 11 countries and employs more than 19,000 people. It chose Cobourg, Ontario as the site for its new Canadian production facility, which will supply one of Canada's largest grocery retailers with a new range of premium fresh products, including Italian, Asian and traditional meals, vegetable sides, soups, sauces, side salads and salad entrées. Close proximity to the Toronto market, combined with support from provincial and municipal governments made the site choice an easy one for Bakkavor.

The Original Cakerie Company Logo

 The Original Cakerie

This Canadian company has grown to be the largest privately owned dessert manufacturer in Canada. It distributes frozen desserts from coast to coast and across North America. When its original plant in Delta, British Columbia reached capacity, The Original Cakerie looked east to Ontario, at the heart of the North American market. The company has invested $45M in a new 150,000 square foot plant, employing 250 people when they reach full capacity.

Ferrero Company Logo


This Italian-owned confectionery giant had $11 billion in sales in 2009. It ranked number four in confectionary sales globally. Ferrero's products include Tic Tac, Rocher and Nutella. In 2006, the company opened a 900,000 square foot plant in Brantford, close to the U.S. border. Ferrero ships products around the world from their Brantford location. The plant has 500 permanent employees, hiring up to 900 people at peak times.

Maidstone Company Logo

 Maidstone Bakeries

If you have ever eaten a Tim Hortons donut, Timbit or other baked goods, you've had food from Maidstone Bakeries. Like Ferrero, Maidstone operates in Brantford, near the U.S. border. There, from its 400,000 square foot, state-of-the art bakery, Maidstone can produce and distribute bakery products by road or rail across North America. Maidstone has invested over $200 million in their Ontario plant with a current workforce of over 340.

Bolthouse Farms Company Logo

 Bolthouse Farms

The Bolthouse family began commercial vegetable farming in western Michigan in 1915. Now its product line includes fresh and baby-cut carrots, juices/smoothies and salad dressings. In 2010, the company invested $8.5 million and created 40 new jobs to retrofit an existing facility in Wheatley to make baby-cut carrots from locally grown carrots. Bolthouse supplies Loblaws and other major grocery chains.

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