Ontario's suppliers

Both local and international buyers source products from Ontario suppliers. Our suppliers have an excellent reputation for flexibility and customer-focused service.

They offer:

  • proven experience with custom production runs
  • the ability to serve specialty markets
  • agricultural and multicultural diversity.

Thousands of Ontario companies provide same-day supply and support services. Just as important, Ontario suppliers are known for being ahead of the curve with food trends. Ontario agriculture and research are innovative in supporting alternative crops, such as ginseng. We also develop new products, such as omega-3 eggs, for emerging and growing markets.

These strengths have positioned Ontario for success in key growth food processing markets, such as private label and healthy and ethnic foods.

About Ontario suppliers

Ontario grows more than 200 agricultural commodities on:

  • more than 57,211 farms
  • almost 670 certified organic farms.

From competitively priced sugar to high-quality beef, Ontario offers a great range of first-class ingredients for processors to draw from. This includes:

  • a broad mix of crops, fruits and vegetables, dairy products and livestock
  • imports from around the world.

This diverse mix and a focus on emerging customer needs allow Ontario to thrive in both commodity and niche markets.

Look whats growing in Ontario

Field crops

Corn, barley, soybeans, various types of wheat


Beef, pork, sheep, poultry, eggs 


Milk, cream cheese, yogurt, specialty products

Fruits and vegetables

Apples, grapes, tender fruits and berries, tomatoes, spinach, cucumbers, corn

Specialty crops

White beans, coloured beans, Asian vegetables, herbs and mushrooms, ginseng

For more information:
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E-mail: foodinvest@ontario.ca