Environment and Infrastructure

When building or expanding your food processing plant, you'll need to know about access to water, energy, waste, communications and transportation systems. You'll also need to know about environmental and other regulations.

The Business and Investment Development Unit supports new value-added food processing and bioproducts investment needs, providing expertise in the areas of competitive research, training, regulations, innovation, infrastructure and marketing. The Unit also works with site selectors and municipalities in securing appropriate sites for food companies investing in Ontario.

Environmental programs and services

Canadian Business Environmental Performance Office (BEPO) has information on national programs.

New Building Incentive Program awards up to $80,000 for buildings designed for energy efficiency.

Canadian Environmental Solutions (CES) is a directory of Canadian companies with expertise in environmental challenges.

The Bloom Centre for Sustainability (Bloom) is a not-for-profit company that helps food companies solve their environmental problems.

Association of Municipalities of Ontario

Provincial Water Protection Fund

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