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The food industry in Ontario is always changing. Keep up to date. The resources below will help you stay connected.

Value Chains in Agriculture, Food and Agri-Products Sectors l read now l

Agri-food Value Chains are designed to increase competitive advantage through collaboration in a venture that links producers, processors, marketers, food service companies, retailers and supporting groups such as shippers, research groups and suppliers. Value Chain Business Information Bundle is a resource centre for information on establishing and growing your Value Chain.

A Global Hub for Food Processing: Agri-Food Asset Map 1 read now l

With its competitive costs, innovative research climate and easy access to ingredients and global markets, Ontario's agri-food industry is a leading North American hub for world-class food processing.

Ontario's Food Industry l read now l

Ontario feeds millions of people around the world. We're home to the third-largest production cluster in North America - one of the most diverse and competitive anywhere.

OMAFRA Research Partnerships: Innovation that Drives Growth | read now |

What kind of research does your business need to compete and grow? How should OMAFRA prioritize research funding for a strong, vibrant agri-food industry? Are there common industry challenges that research could address? Find out how OMAFRA is committed to improving Ontario's economic competitiveness through focused, collaborative research that meets the needs of industry and local communities.

Food Broker - Distributor Information Sheet l read now l

Is a broker or distributor right for your business? If you are a food product manufacturer, establishing a partnership with a broker or distributor can be key to your success.

Guide to Food & Beverage Manufacturing in Ontario l read now l

This guide is intended to help you develop your food processing business. Whether you're new to the food industry and starting a new business, or are considering expanding your existing operation, you'll find the tools you need here.

Selling Food to the Ontario Government l read now l

If you are a food product manufacturer, an excellent way to expand your business is to sell your food product to buyers who service the Ontario government.

What do Ontario's grocery retailers want from Ontario's suppliers? l read now l

Ontario grocery retailers have said clearly and often that they prefer to buy local product where it makes sense to do so. Retailers have also publicly committed to the idea of working with Ontario suppliers to develop value chains.

Benchmarking Utility Performance in the Food Industry l read now l

Benchmarking is a process that allows a company to compare current production data - like cost, cycle time, productivity and quality - both to its past performance and to industry best practices.

Utility Monitoring & Targeting: Save Energy, Cut Costs l read now l

The more you know about utility consumption at your plant, the better you can manage it and the healthier your bottom line will be. All too often, utility consumption is invisible, treated as a fixed cost on the balance sheet.

Selecting Meters for Your Food or Beverage Processing Facility l read now l

To be effective, a monitoring & targeting (M&T) system must meet your strategic objectives for cost control, be designed to be compatible with your processing flows, and incorporate hardware (and software) to measure and collate data into a useable form.

Leaner and Cleaner is Greener

Learning how to apply sub-metering in your facility is a sustainable short-cut to higher margins. PDF">Leaner and Cleaner is Greener is a primer for plant operators who are ready to consider a game-changing way to systemically manage inputs costs as they grapple with how to meet sustainable mandates.

Food and Beverage Industry Associations l read now l

The following is a listing of some of the federal and provincial associations in the food and beverage sector. These associations are an excellent way to learn more about the food sector they represent and to network with other companies in the same industry.

Ontario Institutions offering Educational Programs in the Agri-Food Sector l read now l

The following is a listing of Ontario secondary institutes that offer food specific educational programs.

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