Promalin label changes


Promalin is now registered to reduce russeting. Russeting can occur during cool wet or humid extended periods of times during bloom and early stages of fruit development. Golden Delicious is a variety that is particularly prone to russeting during these favourable conditions. Promalin cannot reduce russeting caused by frost damage, disease, herbicide drift, or phytotoxicity.

Improve apple shape in all varieties

Promalin is now registered in all varieties to improve fruit shape by elongation of the fruit and development of more prominent calyx lobes ("typiness"). Promalin can be used on fruit that has natural typiness like Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Ambrosia and Gala.

Modifying young tree growth

For nursery stock and non-bearing apples, Promalin can be used to stimulate lateral bud break and additional branch growth, resulting in improved branch angles, and providing a better tree structure for early cropping. Apply Promalin once trees have reached a terminal height at which lateral branching is desired. For orchard trees, apply Promalin when new terminal growth is approximately 2.5 to 8 cm long (approximately king bloom to 1 week after petal fall).

Promalin can also be mixed with latex paint and applied directly to buds of apples (nursery and orchard). Paint should be applied in the spring when terminal buds have started to swell, but before shoots emerge. Do not apply after bud break. Application after bud break may result in injury to tender shoot tips and prevent shoot growth from that point. Notching the bark above the bud with a hacksaw blade prior to treatment will greatly increase efficacy.

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