Getting Ready for Your Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program

Do you have a monitoring plan in place for your IPM program? Here is a checklist to help you prepare:

  • Take an IPM workshop to refresh your knowledge of identification, biology and monitoring techniques for insects, diseases and weeds in your crops. OMAF offers a series of IPM workshops starting late April and throughout the month of May. You can find a list of workshops on the OMAF website at the horticultural section of the conferences and meetings page.
  • For a self-directed refresher, check out Ontario Crop IPM. Here you will find interactive online training and information modules on pests and pest management in a number of crops: for fruit crOPS - apples, tender fruit, grapes, and strawberries, and for vegetables - sweet corn, tomatoes, brassica, curcubits and onions
  • Designate someone on your farm to monitor on a weekly basis so that this job doesn't get forgotten when all sorts of other issues are pushing you in different directions.
  • Make up a pest management kit with the right tools for monitoring such as a hand lens, tapping tray, sweep net, containers such as paper bags and vials, traps, flagging tape notebook, markers and copy of the farm map.
  • Have your farm map up to date. Outline new plantings, blocks that have been removed and take the detail if possible down to cultivars planting dates. Circle where the problems were in the past such as mite or weed hot spots and diseases such powdery mildew. Use your map to develop a reporting template for your scout. Using this map, the scout can quickly identify to you where they have monitored and where they have found problems.
  • Set up a communication plan with the scout to report findings and to find out what needs to be looked at next. Keep the scout up to date on when and what crop protection materials have been applied and when it safe to re-enter the block.
  • In order to have your crop protection information at your fingertips, make sure you have the current 2014-15 issues of Publication 75, Guide to Weed Control, Publication 360, Guide to Fruit Production and Publication 838, Vegetable Crop Protection Guide.

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