Mealybugs, scales and virus, Oh my!

One aspect of interest with respect to grape leafroll virus is the biology of the vectors (mealybugs and scales). In order to study this, we are doing weekly monitoring in 4 vineyards (two in Lincoln, two in NOTL) where grape leafroll disease was confirmed in the survey conducted in the fall of 2013. We peel back the bark of vines and found crawlers (the overwintering stage) in each vineyard. We will be monitoring male populations using pheromone traps and activity of crawlers by examining grapevines every week. We will also be recording data to try to develop a degree day model.

In order to confirm the species of mealybugs, we would like to sample a large number of vineyards across Ontario. We will collect insects and send them off for identification. If your vineyards had symptoms of leafroll disease last fall and you are interested in participating in this research, please send an email to The identity of vineyards sampled will be confidential - only the grower and my crew and I will know which vineyards were sampled and a confidentiality agreement will be signed by all parties.

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