Growing Forward 2 for Processors

Growing Forward 2 (GF2) is a federal-provincial-territorial initiative that encourages innovation, competitiveness and market development, adaptability and industry sustainability in Canada's agri-food and agri products sector. In Ontario, GF2 has provided resources, tools and cost-share funding assistance to processors to grow their profits, expand markets and manage shared risks.

Application intakes for funding assistance are now closed. Support to successful applicants will continue as processors work on completing their approved projects.

GF2 continues to partner with industry and offer tools, resources and training for the sector. In addition, the federal, provincial and territorial governments are working together to develop the next agricultural policy framework which is to launch on April 1, 2018. Canada-Ontario specific programming will be announced over time.

Free Training and Workshops

GF2 continues to provide funding to develop and provide tools, resources and training at no cost for the agri-food and agri-products sector in Ontario. Processors are encouraged to take advantage of free workshops and training opportunities to improve their business bottom line:

  • Give your company a competitive edge - take free eLearning courses to learn more about industry best practices and to be more competitive in the marketplace! Visit the Agriculture and Food Education in Ontario website to discover new courses that are available.
  • A series of productivity training events are offered at no cost to food, beverage and bio-sector companies, including those directly supplying manufactured product to the industry. Click here to learn more.

Other Resources and Partners

New Growing Forward 2 (GF2) Results

The GF2 Results Spotlight below shows some of the ways that food processors across the province have improved their business with GF2 funding. The featured results are updated regularly and each spotlight focuses on new results within one GF2 focus area. You can view past results spotlights here.

Spotlight: Market Development

Over $11.6 million has been committed to processors for market development projects. Processors are investing this funding in market assessments/audits, planning, training and skills development, meeting industry standards or practices, implementation of a marketing plan for a new or existing global or domestic market, and new product or process development.

Processors are seeing real results as these projects are completed:1

Three donut charts showing: 94% accessed a new market, 99% expanded an existing market, and 96% retained an existing market.


Four bars in a bar graph showing: 70% accessed a new export market, 69% expanded an existing export market, 80% accessed a new domestic market, and 85% expanded an existing domestic market. Pie chart showing 95% achieved new sales.


1 Results represent only a subset of completed processor market development projects. Results are as of December 2016, represent a percentage of the respondents for each respective question, and exclude answers that were not applicable and could not be interpreted. The information is derived primarily from self-reported data and is provided "as is". Number of respondents for each respective question: 79 for accessed new market; 83 for expanded existing market; 81 for retained existing market; 71 for accessed new export market; 80 for expanded existing export market; 73 for accessed new domestic market; 82 for expanded existing domestic market; 85 for achieved new sales.

Note: While the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs ('Ontario') endeavors to isolate and remove invalid data elements from the data, Ontario makes no representations or warranties about the completeness, accuracy or reliability of the data or its suitability for any given purpose. Reliance on the data is strictly at the user's own risk. Ontario will not accept liability for any loss or damage arising out of the use of this data. The information expressed on this webpage is solely that of the respective contributors and does not necessarily represent the views of Ontario or the Government of Canada.

Next Policy Framework

Federal, provincial and territorial governments are working together to develop the next agricultural policy framework which is to launch on April 1, 2018. Canada-Ontario specific programming will be announced over time. Consultations were held to gather feedback to help shape the direction of future policy and programs for the agriculture and agri-food sector. Visit Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada's website for more information.

Author: Samantha Millar Quinlan
Creation Date: 19 March 2013
Last Reviewed: 14 December 2016